These high-tech fiber optic devices solve existing problems in today’s optical communication systems. These on-fiber optical devices are constructed of commercially available optical fibers using all-fiber technology. The devices are:

  • High-speed
  • Low insertion loss
  • Highly efficient
  • Accurate

Tunable Coupler


Wave Division Multiplexer

These optical components are urgently needed to further improve telecommunication networks towards long haul and high-data-rate links, and can be used in almost every telecommunication link


2-D Array Stress/Strain Remote Sensor

A novel 2-D array stress/strain remote sensor has been developed for real-time characterization of different structural behaviors. This method is based upon the use of embedded fiber optic sensors for stress & strain and static & dynamic measurements. These sensors can be integrated into any structure. This remote sensor can be used in many different applications; from fabrics and textiles, to bridges and roadways, to automobiles and airplanes.

Remote sensing technology is used to transmit information from the structure to the ground station using an RF wireless transmitter and receiver that was developed for remote sensing and real-time measurements.

Stress/Strain Remote Sensor

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